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After leaving Fife at 4am on Saturday 1st August 2009 and a mammoth ten hour drive, we arrived to an explosion of canvas at Windsor Great Park, the site for WINGS2009 and the home for a week to 6,000 Scouts and Guides from across the world.

WINGS 2009 was an international camp open to any member of the Scouts, Girl Scouts or GirlGuiding whose national organisation is a member of either the World Organisation of Scout Movements (WOSM) or of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

On our arrival, we were directed around the perimeter to our sub camp (Harington) which meant it was time to raise the music volume on Loch Lomond, 500 Miles and Donald Where`s Your Troosers... just to ensure everybody knew the Scots had arrived!

At our campsite, the equipment was quickly unloaded and the tents were pitched whilst the minibus was moved offsite to the long term parking and it was just aswell that it was all done quickly as we had less that five hours to get the campsite pitched, collect our food supplies, cook dinner, attend a leader meeting, get changed into kilts and uniforms and make our way to the sub camp stage to prepare for the WINGS 2009 Opening Ceremony.

It was at this point that everyone first realised how big the camp was with all 6,000 participants converging from the six sub camps into on the main stage arena.

The opening ceremony started with a gang show style performance themed on spies and secret missions and finished with a big disco. Everyone started off enthusiastically enough but tiredness evetually won over and everyone left to settle in for the night... or so we thought! A late arrival of Mexican Guides required some assistance pitching their tents and we were only too happy to do our good turn!
Amy, Rhys, Stuart and Ally at Opening Ceremony
Amy, Rhys, Stuart and Ally at Opening Ceremony

The following day was called Subcamp Sunday and for Harington that meant a series of activities related to our namesake.

Each of the six sub-camps was named after a famous inventor:
Archimedes - inventor of the screw pump,
Bell - famous for inventing the first working telephone,
De Havilland - founded an aviation manufacturer in 1920,
Harington - inventor of the first “flushing” toilet in 1596,
Morland - invented the speaking trumpet,
Brunel - a famous engineer known for his steam engines and bridges.

It seemed only right that all of our activities were based around the humble toilet!

Activities on the day ranged from wrapping each other in toilet roll to throwing footballs through toilet seats suspended 6ft above the ground!

Harington campers also had the chance to learn a little more about sanitation across the world as representatives from Oxfam and Water Aid were on hand to describe what sanitation conditions were like in other parts of the world.

The sight of the water that many African children are forced to drink made many stomachs turn made many of us realise just how lucky we were to have fresh and clean running water.
Our Campsite
Our Campsite

Once the Explorers had enjoyed the first full day with the rest of the sub-camp, we headed back to our campsite to share experiences and introduce new friends that they had made.

After dinner was finished, it was time to head over to the main stage again to watch a few Scout bands rock the evening out - one of the young bands played many of their own songs and an older band played many covers of popular songs.

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